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Burleigh Balm (6)
Burleigh Balm
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Burleigh Balm Application Instructions

1. Introduction

Sure, here’s a simple and engaging set of instructions on how to apply Burleigh Balm surfboard wax, including the base coat.

2. Clean Your Board

Start with a clean, smooth surface. Remove any old wax using a wax comb or scraping tool. For stubborn spots, use a bit of wax remover. After cleaning, allow your board to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

3. Apply Your Base Coat

Grab your bar of Burleigh Balm Base Coat Wax.

Start at one end of the board and apply the wax in a diagonal motion, making sure to cover the entire area where your feet will be positioned.

Use moderate pressure and go over each section multiple times until bumps start to form. Remember, the base coat is all about creating texture, not thickness, so avoid applying too much wax.

4. Apply Your Top Coat

Now it’s time to choose your top coat according to the water temperature:

  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Tropical

Burleigh Balm Wax.

Apply the top coat in a circular motion, again focusing on the area where your feet will be.

This layer should be thicker than the base coat, and you should continue to apply until you have a nice, bumpy texture.

5. Check Your Work

Look over your board to make sure you’ve created an even, bumpy layer of wax. These bumps will provide the grip you need when you’re out in the water.

And voila! Your board is now ready to hit the waves. With Burleigh Balm Surfboard Wax, you’ll experience a noticeable difference in your ride, whether you’re surfing cold, warm, or tropical waters. Surf with confidence, knowing you’ve got the ultimate grip for your deck.

Remember to reapply your top coat wax regularly to maintain grip and performance, and don’t forget to completely clean and re-wax your board periodically to ensure the best possible performance.

Enjoy the ride with Burleigh Balm!

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