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Burleigh Balm (6)
Burleigh Balm
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Perfomance Of Burleigh Balm Sufrboard Wax

Experience the Surfing Edge with Burleigh Balm Surfboard Wax: Cold, Warm, and Tropical Varieties

Elevate your surfing experience by understanding the distinct performance benefits of Burleigh Balm’s surfboard waxes – Cold, Warm, and Tropical. Each variant is meticulously formulated to optimize your board’s performance, providing significant enhancements that you can truly feel underfoot. Here’s what you can expect from each wax:

  • Cold Below –  20’c
  • Warm – 20 to 25’c
  • Tropical – Above 25’c

These temperature-specific waxes aren’t mere estimates, they’re precision-crafted to deliver substantial improvements based on your surfing conditions. Performance can vary, of course, influenced by a myriad of factors including the quality of wax, the state of your board, and the prevailing surf conditions.

However, one thing is consistent: Burleigh Balm’s surfboard waxes consistently outperform the rest when it comes to efficiency and durability. Take your surfing to the next level, ride after exhilarating ride, with the superior performance advantages offered by Burleigh Balm surfboard wax.